National Examination

The National Examination is no longer being offered by the CBFCA

This is due to a change in focus by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) regarding its "acquired experience" requirements for licensing. Historically, a pass in the CBFCA's National Examination was accepted by the DIBP as evidence of the licence applicant being "deemed " to possess the acquired experience that befitted the applicant to be licensed. 

In recent times, the DIBP has shifted its focus from a pass in the National Examination as a measure of acquired experience to instead seek out certified evidence of actual workplace experience. While the National Customs Brokers Licensing Advisory Committee (NCBLAC) state that they may still take a pass in the CBFCA's National Examination into account when determining an applicant's suitability to be licensed, it has become increasingly apparent based on the experience of applicants that  a pass in the Examination was deemed to be of lesser significance.

It is worth noting that even candidates who have:
  • successfully completed the approved course of study; and
  • achieved a pass in the National Examination
have still had their application for a licence rejected by NCBLAC due to lack of acquired experience gained in the workplace.

The CBFCA acknowledges the change to acquired experience reflecting an assessment of current workplace practice as the key aspect of acquired experience and supports the DIBP in this direction. 

As a consequence, the CBFCA sees no value at all in intending applicants for a customs brokers licence completing an Examination.

Any queries on the cessation of the National Examination by the CBFCA should be directed to Taras Lubczyk, CBFCA's Manager Training and Professional Development on (02) 9587 1986.