NCCC and AEPCOMM (dual accreditation) course

Welcome to your information page about the NCCC and AEPCOMM accreditation course, the dual accreditation course offered by the CBFCA.

The CBFCA, as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), has been recognised by the Department of Agriculture as a key provider of this industry accreditation course. In consultation with the Department, the CBFCA has put a considerable amount of thought into the design of this course to create for you a learning experience that has a simple, logical flow that relates specifically to the day-to-day aspects of the your role working in a co-regulatory environment. This course is also one of the study units of the new Diploma of Customs Broking. Graduates will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment on completion.

We believe this to be the most comprehensive course of its kind in Australia. It provides dual accreditation and it also delivers on the promise of 'real-world' workplace training through its scenario-based learning model.

The information below will assist you to understand more about the course. However, if you require any further information please email us via email or call us on (07) 3256 0146

Who should do this course?

This course is right for you if you are:
  • A licensed customs broker seeking to become an "accredited person" under one or both of the Schemes;
  • An importer of record who lodges your own  import declarations 
  • An employee of a customs brokerage who seeks the knowledge required to assist licensed customs brokers in the preparation of biosecurity documents under these Schemes ahead of lodgement by the customs broker

What's in this course?

In this course, you will study eight (8) topics and these are:
  1. An introduction to the Department of Agriculture Biosecurity
  2. Packing declarations
  3. Treatment certificates 1
  4. Treatment certificates 2
  5. Automatic Entry Processing Codes (AEP for non-commodities)
  6. AEP for commodities - food
  7. AEP for commodities - machinery vehicles and tyres
  8. AEP for commodities - wooden articles

How is the course delivered?

 Our promise is that you will be totally engaged in this unit which is very practical in every sense. The course is offered over eight weeks (one per topic) during which you will have the chance to:
  • Read the well-designed learning material for each topic
  • Research any further links provided by your class facilitator designed to expand your knowledge on each topic
  • Complete a mini knowledge quiz to assist you to self-assess your own learning
  • Come to the online classes held each week in the evenings prepared to discuss the topic and engage in a scenario-based learning exercise

Assessments in the course

There are three (3) assessments you will need to complete and these are spread across the eight weeks of the course. The assessments are very practical and use a scenario-based arrangement whereby you will, for example, be assessing a series of documents and making determinations as to whether you would accept these or not.

You will be asked to explain your reasoning so that you will be confident of your underpinning knowledge on each topic. Your course facilitator is there to assist you all the way and you can always have a second attempt at the assessment if you didn't quite get it right the first time.

At the end of the course, if you have passed all of the assessments, you will be given a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment to demonstrate you have the required skills and knowledge. If you are a licensed customs broker, you will send that Statement to the Department of Agriculture as part of your accreditation.

Need assistance?

We are here to help. Either email us via or you can call us on (02) 9587 1986.