Cost recovery - Joint Review of Border Fees, Charges & Taxes

The Government has commissioned a joint review of charges, fees and taxes (Fees Review) at the border that will focus on identifying where the border charging arrangements can be improved to better support future border operations and outcomes for industry.

The Fees Review will be led by Customs and Border Protection and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) and will be conducted jointly with the Department of Agriculture given similarities in certain charging arrangements.
The CBFCA has represented your interests through participation in the Review. As members will be aware the CBFCA has significant background and understanding on cost recovery through the work done with the Department of Agriculture over the past 20 years.

Information on the Fees Review is available at the dedicated ACBPS web page CLICK HERE.

Customs and Border Protection and Agriculture have carefully considered all written submissions and held industry consultations in Sydney and Melbourne to discuss key propositions and capture industry feedback. A Summary Document has been developed which summarises the key issues raised in the submissions and at the industry consultation sessions.


The Fees Review will consider changes to current charges, fees and taxes as well as new approaches to charging in the future. It will include charges levied by Customs and Border Protection, DIBP and some import related fees and charges applied by the Department of Agriculture.

The Review will cover current major charging arrangements at the border, including:
  • Import Processing and Passenger Movement Charges levied by Customs and Border Protection.
  • Import related fees and charges recovered by the Department of Agriculture such as full import declaration charges, container charges and registration fees.
  • Visa Application Charges administered by DIBP.
  • Current and future cost recovery based charging for services, particularly those resulting from industry demand factors.
  • A number of other fees, charges and taxes will not form part of the Review, including:
  • Customs Duty (including refunds, Tariff Concessions, Drawbacks), the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and other indirect taxes Customs and Border Protection collects on behalf of Commonwealth.
  • Fees and charges recovered by the Department of Agriculture for services such as document assessments, inspections, treatments, export certification and post entry quarantine activities.
The Department of Agriculture is completing a comprehensive review of its cost recovery arrangement which will include fees and charges excluded from within the scope of this Review. Further information on these can be found on the Department of Agriculture's website.

If you have any questions about the Joint Fees Review, please email

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