Trusted Trader Programme

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) have developed the Trusted Trader Programme to enhance the competitiveness of Australia’s traders and better align Australia with international standards and evolving models of trade. 

Australian Trusted Trader is a voluntary accreditation programme that recognises secure and compliant industry supply chain practices, offering tailored trade facilitation benefits to accredited businesses.

This programme is a partnership between government and business underpinned by shared responsibility and transparency. It aims to streamline and facilitate trade and enhance supply chain security. Accreditation is available to all Australian businesses big and small who are active in the international trade supply chain and meet or exceed the required standards.

Trusted Trader Ministerial Launch - 19 August 2016

The CBFCA attended the Ministerial Launch, followed by industry workshops. Refer to the CBFCA article from e-Bulletin Issue 17 Australian Trusted Trader: Ministerial Launch for more information.

The Trusted Trader Programme is in the detailed policy development stage and industry consultation is underway to co-design the key elements of the programme. As a CBFCA member, you are represented by the CBFCA on the Trusted Trader Industry Advisory Group.

For more  information about the development of the Trusted Trader Programme visit the DIBP website.

Trusted Trader Programme Industry Advisory Group Sydney and Melbourne November 2014

The third round of Industry Advisory Group (IAG) meetings were held on 10 November 2014 in Melbourne and 12 November in Sydney.
Please find attached the minutes from both meetings together with the proposed policy position paper from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).
The position paper was formed encompassing the views presented at both IAGs and in consultation with other government agencies. 

Members should note that:
  • Assembly orders will not be an issue if an importer is validated through the accreditation process as a Trusted Trader, as cargo reporting will not be a requirement 
  • Even though some parts of Assembly Orders are being considered outside of Trusted Trader, DIBP has stated that there will not be any  changes in the near future that would require enhancements to the Integrated Cargo System (ICS)
  • Details of customs reporting  (Air Cargo Report [ACR] and Formal Import Declaration [FID]) are yet to be discussed
  • Similarly the cost/fee structure for a Trusted Trader with regards to the current Import Processing Charge (IPC) is still open for discussion

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