Trading Terms and Conditions

The CBFCA’s standard trading terms and conditions have been updated in order to ensure they address recent changes to the unfair contract terms in small business contracts under the Australian Consumer Law as well as ensuring compliance with recently amended laws such as the Modern Slavery legislation. The trading terms and conditions have also been updated to address the implications of recent cases on the meaning of “owner” under section 4 of the Customs Act 1901 and the ABF’s guidance on the application of that definition.

We have also included some brief additional guidance on the ACL provisions and their effect as this will have an impact on which provisions of the terms and conditions that can and cannot be used.


These standard trading terms and conditions are a guide only. Members should ensure they seek independent legal advice specific to their own business situation and the trading terms and conditions that are most appropriate to that situation.  Members will also need to get approval from their insurers as to use of new terms and conditions

It is appropriate for members to seek their own legal advice in relation to trading terms and conditions, authorisation and acknowledgements as the CBFCA does not warrant the correctness of the documents in relation to each members activities.

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