Insight Bulletins

We have developed the Insight Bulletins for members and clients to foster a better understanding of the way the supply chain operates in order for the trading community to maximise benefits, ensure the efficient flow of goods in the international trade process and be aware of their regulatory compliance.

The Insight Bulletins provide vital information on key barrier clearance and supply chain management  issues which impact on business members and their clients.

Importer Insight Bulletins

Members' client relationship and their understanding of the international trade logistics and supply chain management process is a constant and challenging business requirement. The Custom Brokers and Forwarders Council of Australia Inc (CBFCA) has, in the past, provided for Business members specific Insight Bulletins, within the context of you, your business and (specific business issues).

In order to foster the relationship between Business members and clients we have now produced a series of Insight Bulletins specifically referenced to importers. This compendium of commentaries has been produced to enable members to provide to your clients additional information to help in their better understanding of the way the supply chain operates.

The commentaries have been prepared in PDF format for easy download and reference to clients whenever it is thought appropriate for such information to be provided. We are aware from member's experience that there is in expectation/perception from many importers that service providers either in the context of international freight forwarding, border clearance and a variety of other activities related to the importation or exportation of goods are seen as carrying the responsibility for most, if not all, issues relating to the contract relationships between the buyer and the seller whether it be related to the goods in question, carriage of goods, finance and other related activities.

It is hoped that this series of documents will help members to be able to clarify those overarching perceptions.

Member Insight Bulletins

We feel these Insight Bulletins are a way of providing pertinent details of procedures and policies, both regulatory and operational, that impact on your business.

These are designed for you to use in house with your employees as a way of a quick reference tool when queries may arise on these topics. They will reviewed as required and new ones issued where new policies / procedures dictate.
* Note that there has been a review of the CPD Scheme conducted by the then Australian Customs and Border Protection Service in 2014. These changes came into effect on 1 April 2015.

To see more about those changes see the CPD area under Training or for more information email Bill Murphy, CBFCA Manager Professional Development and Training.

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