Statement of Purposes

  1. To promote trade and commerce between Australia and all other countries of the world by assisting and advising manufacturers, producers, industrial groups and persons engaged or involved in international trade and commerce.
  2. To facilitate the speedy and efficient movement of cargo through the sea and air ports of Australia.
  3. To advise on legislation, regulations and procedures and any changes therein in the interests of Australian manufacturers, producers, exporters, importers, industrial groups and persons engaged or involved in international trade and commerce.
  4. To originate, facilitate, promote and improve documentation, administration and procedures for the import and export of goods and commodities.
  5. To improve and elevate the general knowledge of and to collect, analyse and disseminate to persons, companies and organisations, whether or not engaged in or representing manufacturers, primary and other producers, agents and shippers, information of or relating to or concerning international trade and commerce, and of or relating to all matters and requirements affecting relevant Government departments and any other appropriate Agencies and Authorities in regard to trade and commerce.
  6. To assist and to send delegates to and be represented on any committee, commission or other body established for the purposes of expanding, stimulating simplifying or otherwise facilitating trade and commerce.
  7. To establish relationships and make representations to domestic and international government bodies, agencies and statutory authorities and relevant industry bodies both domestic and international for the benefit of the customs brokerage, international freight forwarding or similar industry related services (“the industry”) their clients and Australian trade and industry generally.
  8. To act as the national representative body on behalf of members in all matters affecting the interests of individuals, firms and corporations engaged in the industry (and related industries and professions).
  9. To maintain and promote a federally structured organisation dedicated to the public recognition of the industry through the establishment of a code of ethics governing the integrity of individuals, firms and corporations and the promotion of national educational standards.
  10. To liaise with bodies in Australia and in the rest of the world having similar objects to those of the Association.
  11. (a)     To hold periodical meetings and conferences of members;
  12. (b)     To promote interest in and the progress of all matters which will improve the technical and general knowledge and improve the efficiency of the industry;
    (c)     To originate uniform standards for the education, status, elevation, conduct and guidance of the industry;
    (d)     To publish and disseminate papers, documents, journals and studies relating to trade, commerce and the carriage of goods.
  13. To encourage and provide for the betterment of the professional knowledge, proficiency and education of its members including:
    (a)     establishing, maintaining and improving libraries containing such material and literature as the Association may consider to be of interest or use to its members;
    (b)     providing facilities for the purposes of meetings, discussions, seminars and lectures between and for members and for clients of members and other members of the public involved in trade and commerce;
    (c)     promoting, arranging and holding lectures, seminars, and discussion groups on matters pertaining to the industry and as such to increase the technical and general knowledge of its members in all areas pertaining to their work.
  14. To liaise, consult and make representation with Government and regulatory authorities on all matters affecting its members and their clients relating to matters of import and export procedures and requirements, electronic fund transfers, electronic documents exchanges and any other developments that may arise in future affecting the conduct of members' businesses.
  15. To seek out, investigate, trial, recommend and where appropriate purchase for the benefit of members, such equipment as from time to time becomes relevant and required in the running of the businesses of the members.
  16. To actively promote and seek the recognition of members as professionals and to own, use, license and promote the use and recognition of trademarks and indicia to promote the public recognition of the industry.
  17. To provide for, supervise and regulate the training and education of members and those seeking membership, and to set examinations in the theory and practice of the industry and allied commercial and legal work for the industry and those seeking to become customs brokers or international freight forwarders, and to approve the issuing of certificates of classification.
  18. To adopt and promote rules of conduct for the guidance of members of the Association as to the proper professional conduct of the industry.
  19. To engage professional assistance of any kind and to remunerate any person(s) for services rendered concerning the formation and promotion of the Association or the conduct of its affairs.
  20. To purchase, take on lease or hire any real and personal property necessary for the purposes of the Association.
  21. Such other objects as the Association may from time to time and at any time determine.
Please see the Rules for the Constitution and Regulations

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