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An unbeatable service direct to you at the most competitive prices. As part of our service to the international freight forwarding industry, the CBFCA is now a provider for all your identity cards and accessories - at very competitive rates and with no minimum order size!

All CBFCA Identity Cards come complete with: High definition ID card (sharper, higher quality finish), 'Breakaway' safety lanyard, and card holder.

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Choose from our standard card with your company name or for a small initial set up fee you can have your own company logo included on the card in perfect colour. The setup cost to have your logo included is $70.00 (including GST). If at any time you wish to change your logo you will have to pay the setup fee for the new logo. ALL CARDS CARRY A UNIQUE IDENTIFIER THAT MEETS DOTARS REQUIREMENTS UNDER THE AVIATION SECURITY REGULATED AGENTS SECURITY PROGRAM.
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This highly regarded textbook is endorsed by Freight Councils around Australia and has been recognised as the definitive book of its type in Australia.
Comprising nearly 700 pages, Russell Burke has created a manual that is easy to read and yet completely comprehensive in its scope.

This is the REQUIRED textbook for the Diploma in International Freight Forwarding, however the International Logistics and Freight Forwarding Manual makes a useful addition to the... Details

Other Publications

WCO Harmonised System Online Database Subscription

The online version of the Harmonized System Database offers the possibility of searching by keyword or by using an HS code number to retrieve the information you are looking for. The online version offers high speed solutions at little expense, and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s a multilingual database (in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian) and you can therefore choose your language. It contains all publications relating to the Harmonized System: The Nomenclature, the Explanatory Notes, the Classification Opinions, the Alphabetical Index, the Classification Decisions and as a novelty since January 2014, the second edition of the HS Classification Handbook as well as the amending supplements in PDF format. The subscription includes all the updates (2/year) that you will automatically receive until 2017, during the whole cycle of the HS, 5th edition.
The Harmonised System Online Database is available from the World Customs Organization.