Importer Insight Bulletins

As referenced in NNF 2014/092 client relationship and their understanding of the international trade logistics and supply chain management process is a constant and challenging business relationship for service providers in international trade logistics and supply chain management.

In order to support the relationship between members and their clients the CBFCA has produced a series of Insight Bulletins specifically referenced to importers. This compendium of commentaries for CBFCA member clients has been produced to foster better understanding of the way the supply chain operates in order for the trade community to maximise benefits, ensure the efficient flow of goods in the international trade process and be aware of their regulatory compliance.

These Insight Bulletins include:
There is an expectation from many importers that service providers either in the context of international freight forwarding, border clearance and a variety of other activities related to the importation or exportation of goods should carry the responsibility for some, if not all, issues relating to the contractual relationships between the buyer and the seller whether it be related to the goods in question, carriage of goods, finance and other related activities.

This is not the case nor commercial reality.

The documents are in PDF format for download options.