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If you are involved in international trade, you benefit from using a customs broker.  It is the responsibility of all licensed customs brokers to comply with the conditions of their licence, as outlined in the Customs Act 1901.
Customs brokers bring together critical business information that allows importers to clear their goods safely, securely and quickly through Customs and Quarantine. They manage your business data to ensure your goods meet Customs and Quarantine requirements.  Make sure your shipments comply with Customs and Quarantine requirements- CBFCA members can help!

If you know the name (or part of the name) of a CBFCA member, you you can list all of their offices:
  • Enter the company name;
  • Or leave blank to select all

You can also list CBFCA members nationally or from a selected State:
  • Select State of Australia required e.g. Queensland
  • Or leave blank to select all

Finally you can select the Member Type:
  • Business (customs brokers and freight forwarders)
  • Business Affiliate (software providers, ports, airports, legal advisors,& transport and logistics operator etc.)
  • Or leave blank to select both

After you have made your selection click on "Find". This will give you a list of CBFCA members meeting your requirements, together with their website details, address, telephone number and a link to be able to email them.  We suggest you contact more than one customs broker and when you have selected the one you wish to use do not forget to get a written quote.

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