Board of Directors


Adam is the current chairman of the Customs Brokers and Forwarders Council of Australia and has served the previous consecutive 3 years as NSW president. 

In his current role for the CBFCA, Adam represents the direct interests of customs brokers and freight forwarders across all levels of business. 

Adam is a director and licensed customs broker of Cable International Pty Ltd which is a medium sized custom brokering and freight forwarding business who provides international trade services to Australian 
and international business which range from large multinational public companies to small boutique international traders.  

Adam has the will to adapt to changing international trends of the international trading sector.  


Bob is the current National Directopr and is on the Board representing the business of corporate brokerages and other Business Members of the CBFCA. Bob has previously held the positions of President Queensland and Treasurer of Customs Agents Federation and the Customs Agents Institute prior to becoming President Queensland, Director Business & Freight Operations of the CBFCA and then two terms as Chairman of the CBFCA. Bob commenced in the industry in 1969 and obtained his Customs Brokers License in 1974 after working overseas for three years and passing his license examination in London in 1972. He is currently the Managing Director of Wallace International Pty Ltd, a corporate Customs Brokerage and Freight Forwarding company in four ports, which operates its own Warehouse, Distribution, 77g Depot, Quarantine Approved Premises, and Container and Non Container Trucks.

Bob has been dedicated to the continued professionalism of our industry and has a firm commitment to both industry and the statutory government bodies to produce systems that are vital to the movement of cargo across our borders both imports and exports. As a representative of the CBFCA, he has been able to sit on many Committees to assist in the implementation of numerous systems developed over the years by Customs and Quarantine. It is in this arena that Bob maintains the rage to ensure that whatever systems are presented to our community that they are workable and commercially viable for all of our Members into the future.


Brad began his logistics career over 20 years ago after completing an Associate Diploma of Business in International Trade and a Bachelor of Business in Transport and Logistics Management, both at RMIT.

For the last 15 years, Brad has worked at Pro Kinetics (Aust) Pty Ltd, initially in an operations capacity before specialising in customs and subsequently becoming a licensed customs broker in 2009.

Brad joined the CBFCA Regional Advisory Committee in 2015 with the view of assisting fellow association members in matters of immediate concern as well as contributing to the future success of the CBFCA.


Colin started as a runner at the port of Felixstowe in the UK some 38 years ago, meeting the ferries from Holland and Belgium. The busiest morning being Tuesdays where 4 trucks would arrive with upwards of 400 entries between them. What a fabulous learning ground. Having relocated to Australia (for the second time), Colin spent 4 years on the other side working for an importer and making sure his local broker did the right thing. While working for multi nationals, he gained his brokers licence in 1995, and since that time has been an active member of the QLD Committee. Being hands on in this frustrating, but never boring industry, has been most beneficial when working with the CBFCA, and now, as President QLD, Colin hopes that this will help him greatly when working with the Board as they continue to deal with government road blocks. Colin has never held back when challenging Customs and Quarantine, and while it may annoy them, we all are only trying to do our jobs, and he will continue to annoy them for you, the members.


Nicole commenced working in the International Freight industry in 1994 as a runner in the traditional West End of Fremantle, home of the WA Broker. After completing the National Exam she attained  her Customs Brokers License in 2004. 

Nicole is  multi-skilled, having gained experience across many areas of the industry,  and is giving back to our industry through her teaching of units in the Diploma of Customs Broking at the International Trade & Logistics College (ITALC)  our industry RTO.

Nicole is passionate about the industry and understands that change is a part of the landscape in the Customs Broking environment. Currently Nicole is Customs Manager at Crane Worldwide Logistics and is a strong voice for the WA community of brokers and forwarders which she represents.