DP World Fremantle (WANF 2017/052)

Members will have seen the various 1-Stop messages this week regarding the moving of availability and free storage days for cargo at DP World (DPW)

I have spoken to Stefan Reynolds, General Manager Operations at DPW and they are very keen to work with industry.

The reason for the moving dates has been caused by a number of factors some of which are

•    A surplus of re positioned boxes been discharged from one vessel to await the next vessel and being left in the terminal
•    Vessels bunching and / or arriving off window

I have been assured by both Stefan and Jessica that they will work with industry to facilitate the collection of cargo.

What you can do to make this work and minimise any impact on you and or your clients
•    Make use of the extra hours Sat 23rd – day shift Tues 26th day and afternoon shift
•    Arrange a stack run
•    Consider working with another transport company to assist
•    Monitor 1-Stop notices

If you are still having issues contact Jessica in the first instance and she will do her best to facilitate you collecting the cargo. If there are still issues please contact Stefan who will review and see what they can do.

We have had advice from some operators they have already taken this route and DPW has been able to assist them collect their cargo without issues.

Communication WORKS use it

Jessica.Bird@dpworld.com.au 0438 986 238 or 9430 0131
Stefan.reynolds@dpworld.com.au 9430 0110 or 0438 315 073

John Park
Regional Manager - CBFCA WA