Invitation to Port of Melbourne System Industry Induction Awareness Program (VNF 2018/007)

Port of Melbourne is pleased to advise that sessions of the Melbourne Port System Industry Induction Awareness Program (MPSII) will be conducted again this year and warmly invites industry participants to attend.

This induction program is designed to provide an introduction and overview of the Melbourne Port System supply chain. Participants will gain a solid understanding of the Melbourne Port System and how their work fits into the wider supply chain, and will have the opportunity to engage and network directly with a panel of industry experts representing a wide range of supply chain partners.

The induction program is aimed principally at new entrants to the shipping and logistics industry, although the invitation is extended to all members of the industry, and it is open to anyone involved in the Melbourne Port System, irrespective of their experience.

The induction will run for approximately 5 ½ hours, and will be comprised of two major elements:

  • Part 1: Presentation, workshop, and discussion at the Port Education Centre (duration 3 ½ hours)
  • Part 2: Water Bourne port tour including a light lunch (2 hours)

 Dates: Tuesday 13 March (Please note the induction will be identical on each day)
   Wednesday 14 March
 Venue:  Port Education Centre (parking available)
   343-383 Lorimer Street
   Port Melbourne
 Times:  0900-1430hrs ] Please note times are the same on both days

The induction will be conducted free of charge by the Port of Melbourne, with extensive industry input.

Pre-registration is critical as numbers are strictly limited in each session. Please email Donald Forsdyke to book a place.

Donald Forsdyke
Trade Facilitation Manager (VIC) | Trade Development
Direct: +61 3 9683 1368