Executive Level COR forum - 5th February 2019

Dear Members,

This Forum is highly recommended for business owners, managers and senior staff.

The presenter Steve Asnicar spoke at last year’s CBFCA’s National Conference on Chain of Responsibility and is widely recognised in Australia as an industry expert in this area.

We are seeing other parties “in the chain” more at risk of being prosecuted – in this case THE CONSIGNOR was prosecuted and fined, in addition to the transport company and driver.

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No longer can the blame be solely concentrated on the driver and the transport company.

But how can the customs broker and international freight forwarder be held responsible for the actions of other parties to whom they often sub-contract their services out to?

Do the existing subcontract arrangement that members have with domestic logistics operators need to be reviewed to take into account COR responsibilities ? Most certainly they do.

There is a balance, and the aim of this Forum is to firstly educate industry decision makers on theirs and their company’s responsibilities on the revised COR laws and then blend that with practical solutions where our industry can refine their COR processes and aim to minimise risk to their company and individual staff through increased awareness, policies and information.

This Forum will allow for feedback, which will later be taken into account for a joint industry submission to the NHVR (National Heavy Vehicle Regulator) from the CBFCA and COR Australia.

Please note that this COR Forum is a National event, being held in Sydney on the 5th February 2019.. 

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Scott Carson
Commercial Manager